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All Travel, in my opinion, is personal which is why I always say , "it is YOUR trip not mine".  However, there are many passions that many people can relate to and travelling to taste the finest food and wine is one that I  certainly enjoy sharing. 

As a passionate Food and Wine Traveller I understand that many people like me travel far and wide in search of the best!

I try to feed that passion by offering exceptional experiences based on my own personal experience of travel. Sometimes we are lucky enough to travel with a Celebrity Chef like Massimo Capra and other times we bring along a wine maker to discuss the wine. Keith and I love to host small groups to where we enjoy travelling to the most and sharing those secret places like a Gelato store in an alley in Venice or a butcher in Italy who opens for lunch or dinner on his roof terrace and serves the best steak I have ever tasted.. or even a 9 course tasting menu with fine wines served in a cave restaurant in Italy. I love to take you to these magnificent places and share them with you. 

Join me on one of my all time favourite experiences where we combine River Cruising with Excellent food, wines and of course Christmas Markets of Europe! 

Combine your Passions  for Food and Wine with Music by the Maestro Andrea Bocelli in his villa in Tuscany , throw in an Opera in Vienna and a Palazzo Opera in Rome and you truly do have a dream trip! Just 4 spaces remain on this once in a lifetime luxury trip which will have you drooling. 



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